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Lunch is on us! Come by our facilities to see how impactful the RATIONAL iCombi and iVario can be at your operation! 

Space is limited, contact us or sign up below for a date at one of our three Florida locations! 

Tampa Headquarters
14605 McCormick Dr. Tampa, FL 33626

All Tampa Events start at 11am

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Miami Location
9990 NW 14th St #107 Miami, FL 33172

All Miami Events start at 11am

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The Intelligent Assistants

iCombi Pro

Four new Intelligent Assistants that vastly improve the combi performance and functionality. 

iDensity Control: climate control, high performance air circulation and dehumidification = 50% greater cooking productivity 

iCooking Suite: cooking intelligence, complete programmability and “adjust on the fly” controls

iProduction Manager: planned production, regulates mixed loads and allows for individual shelf cooking

iCare System: cleaning intelligence, using less chemicals and now with a quick 12-minute clean cycle

Available sizes: 4, 6, 10 and 20 full and half GN pan models. Gas or electric all enabled with WiFi Connected Cooking.

iVario Pro

For restaurants and high-volume catering, with three Intelligent Assistants that can boil, deep fry, pan fry, and sauté

 iZone Control: surface may be divided into four cooking zones for greater flexibility 

iVario Boost: cooking surface heats to 400 degrees in around four minutes and can reduce prep times by more than 35%, using less energy

iCooking Suite: precise temperature control adjusts cooking path to fit your food; it even allows you to prepare delicate sauces with no scorching

Available sizes: 9, 13, 26 and 40 gallon models. All with WiFi Connected Cooking.

See the iCombi and iVario in action for yourself, and let us show you the impact RATIONAL  can have at your operation! 

For more information, contact Finn Foodservice today.